Milton Johnson’s Take on Love Is Blind: Age, Maturity, and Unconventional Relationships

Love is Blind

Heading into the Oct. 13 finale of Love Is Blind season five, Milton Johnson has shared his thoughts with E! News about why he had no concerns over Lydia Gonzalez’s past relationship with another cast member. Love may or may not be blind, but numbers don’t lie. And that’s why viewers were slightly skeptical when they tuned into season five of Love Is Blind to see a 25-year-old in the pods, proclaiming he was ready to settle down. But not all twentysomethings who sign on to take part in Netflix’s reality dating experiment are Milton Johnson.

While he may be the youngest guy in the pod squad, the petroleum engineer with a penchant for microscopes and mustaches has proven to be one of the more mature members of this season’s cast. But it took time for 30-year-old Lydia Gonzalez, 30, to come to terms with his age, even after they had an immediate spark thanks to their mutual love for rocks. (Yes, really.)

“Oh my god, Milton, you’re younger than my brother!” Lydia exclaimed during their first conversation, going on to tell the camera, “He’s too young for me.”

However, there was an undeniable connection between the unlikely pair, with Milton ultimately proposing to Lydia. And now they are one of just two couples left in the experiment heading into the Oct. 13 finale.

Younger Person

“It’s okay for them to be cautious of a younger person,” Milton told E! News in an exclusive interview about the initial concerns over his age. “I think if you look at, there are younger people who may not have always portrayed themselves in the best light.”

However, Milton continued, “My accomplishments and the things that I strive to do, speak much further and more volumes to who I am as a person than just my age.”

A prime example of Milton’s emotional maturity was his reaction—or lack of one, rather—when it was revealed that Lydia had previously dated Uche Okoroha, one of the men he had developed a friendship with in the early stages of the experiment. While Lydia and Uche’s romantic history ultimately led Aaliyah Cosby to leave the show early after developing a connection with lawyer Uche, it was virtually a non-factor for Milton.

And that didn’t change even after the former couple had a heated argument during a meet the cast BBQ.

“My perception is the exact same as it was then, it hasn’t shifted,” Milton said. “If you’re asking for my perception of their relationship, that may be a better question for one of them because they dated prior to me. So I couldn’t comment on it.”

Milton never considered ending his engagement over the revelation, explaining why he felt an immediate attraction to his future fiancé.

Milton recalled

“The first thing that I remembered about Lydia was her accent actually, ” Milton recalled.“I was just curious and I made a joke. She was like, ‘I’m from Puerto Rico,’ and I said, ‘Oh, nice, so you look like Cardi B?’ Come to find out that Cardi B is not from Puerto Rico.” (Come on, Milton, she’s from the Bronx!)

Blunder aside, Milton found he was able to go deeper with Lydia, explaining, “in the past, I used my humor to get me a majority of the way there.”

While they enjoyed each other’s playfulness, Milton said “our values were so aligned,” and the fact that Lydia worked in a similar industry—she’s a geologist—was a huge bonus.

“It’s nice for her to understand the difficulty of the work-life balance and balancing a relationship with an operational job,” Milton explained, “what’s needed of me by industry and of a relationship as well. It just felt right.”

But does that mean he will say yes at the altar?

While we wait to see if Milton and Lydia get married in the finale—dropping Oct. 13—we’re looking back at all of the previous Love Is Blind couples.

Paul Peden and Micah Lussier: Not Together

Opposites seemed to attract all season for this pair…until they got to the altar. Sensing Paul’s hesitation, Micah asked him to give his answer first, and it was a pass on marriage for Paul.

“I literally feel like a disaster,” Micah said. “If Paul would have wanted to marry me, I 100 percent would have said ‘I do.'”

At the reunion, Paul apologized for his comment in a confessional about not being able to see Micah as a mother.

“I think I phrased that really unfairly toward her,” Paul explained. “I think the better way to phrase that would be that I can’t see us as parents.”

While the duo briefly reconciled after filming, they ultimately weren’t able to make their relationship work, with Paul explaining they broke up for good when he visited Micah in Arizona.

Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin: Together

Despite Kwame’s mother refusing to attend the wedding and his arguably inappropriate conversations with Micah, whom he also connected with in the pods, Kwame and Chelsea were one of the three couples to exchange vows at the end of season four.

During the reunion, Chelsea revealed she has since met her husband’s mom, and Kwame offered an apology to his wife and her family for his behavior, saying his talks with Micah were “not the best representation.”

The couple is living in Seattle with their beloved dog Rocky.

Zack Goytowski and Bliss Poureetezadi: Together

Sure, they say love is blind, but occasionally, it needs a little bit of time—or proposing to another woman—to realize you made the wrong choice. Which is what happened when Zack initially got engaged to Irina Solomonova, only for the couple to break up during their trip to Mexico.

After asking Bliss for a second chance, the pair defied the odds (and Bliss’ dad’s wishes) and both said “I do” at the altar. (And, no, they did not sit it out, enjoying that all-important first turn around the dance floor to Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance,” the song that bonded them in the pods.)

After the finale aired, Zack shared a photo of the couple on Instagram with the caption “Eternal Bliss.”

Since filming, Bliss revealed Zack and her father have become “best buds,” one of the many reasons host Vanessa Lachey predicted they would be the first Love Is Blind couple to have a baby.

Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell: Together

Come on, not since season one’s Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed has an LIB pairing seemed so meant to be!

The oldest couple in the experiment—Tiffany was 36 and Brett was 37—exchanged vows, even though Brett had a sartorial emergency when his pants did not fit properly on their wedding day. (Shout out to seamstress Lucia, you’re a real one!)

Since filming wrapped, Tiffany and Brett moved to Portland and are still perfect! Phew!

Love Is Blind Is Still Going Strong

As Love Is Blind continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of romance, drama, and unpredictability, viewers are left wondering which couples will stand the test of time and which will part ways. With the upcoming Oct. 13 finale of season five looming, fans eagerly anticipate the fates of the remaining couples, including Lydia Gonzalez and Milton Johnson.

Milton’s unwavering support for Lydia, despite her past relationship with Uche Okoroha, speaks volumes about their connection. As they prepare for their potential wedding on the show, viewers are hopeful that their love story will continue to blossom.

While Love Is Blind has seen its fair share of ups and downs, one thing is clear: love has a way of transcending age, history, and even reality TV. As Milton Johnson put it, “My accomplishments and the things that I strive to do, speak much further and more volumes to who I am as a person than just my age.” And that sentiment rings true for all the couples who have participated in this unconventional experiment.

In a world where love is often complicated and unpredictable, Love Is Blind offers a unique glimpse into the complexities of modern relationships. With its mix of romance, drama, and heartfelt moments, it’s no wonder that viewers keep coming back for more.

As we eagerly await the season five finale, we can’t help but root for Lydia and Milton, along with all the other couples who have taken a chance on love in the pods. Whether they end up saying “I do” or parting ways, their journeys remind us that love is a powerful force that can lead us to unexpected and beautiful places.