Doppelgänger Delight: John Legend’s Encounter with a Remarkably Similar Voice on The Voice

John Legend

On October 2nd, fans of “The Voice” witnessed a moment of serendipity that left both the judges and the audience astounded. John Legend, one of the show’s beloved judges and a Grammy-winning artist, found himself in a truly uncanny situation during the blind auditions. As the talented contestant Talakai took to the stage and began singing Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” Legend was the first to hit his buzzer, eager to claim this extraordinary talent for his team.

John Legend’s Astonishing Encounter: A Doppelgänger

However, it wasn’t just Talakai’s moving performance that caught Legend’s attention. It was something far more surreal. As the performance unfolded and Legend turned to see who was behind the incredible voice, he found himself in a state of shock. He was looking at what can only be described as his doppelgänger.

Legend couldn’t contain his amazement and immediately shared his observation with fellow voice judges Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan. “Wait until you see his face,” he exclaimed, as Stefani and Horan turned their chairs to face the stage. “I’m looking at myself! Like, a taller, more handsome version of myself.”

Stefani’s reaction was one of disbelief, echoing the thoughts of everyone in the room. “That’s crazy!” she exclaimed, capturing the surreal nature of the moment. Talakai, fully aware of the remarkable resemblance, playfully shouted to Legend from the stage, “What’s up, twin?!”

As the performance concluded, John Legend couldn’t resist addressing the uncanny similarity further. He confessed, “You know, on the internet a lot of times, people send me pictures of people that they think look like me, and most of the time I’m like, ‘Not really.’ But then I turn around and look at you. We have the same haircut. He really, legitimately looks like me.”

For Talakai, his resemblance to John Legend has been a lifelong joke. He humorously shared, “Every day at work, I get it. In school, they used to sing ‘Ordinary People’ down the hallway all the time.” This unique connection between Talakai and Legend added an extra layer of intrigue to an already memorable audition.

Talakai’s moving Performance:

Even Reba McEntire, another renowned coach on the show, couldn’t deny the natural bond between Legend and Talakai . She expressed her admiration for his voice and range, acknowledging that while she would love to have him on her team, she knew she couldn’t compete with Legend’s allure. “I absolutely loved your voice and your range,” she told Talakai. “I know I don’t have a chance against John. I just wanted to come out and watch ya. I’m already a huge fan, so welcome to The Voice.”


Joining Team Legend:

Unsurprisingly, Talakai decided to join Team Legend, cementing his place in the competition and continuing the incredible journey that began with a performance that left everyone in awe. This unexpected moment of doppelgänger magic will surely be remembered as one of the most memorable auditions in “The Voice” history.

“The Voice” has always been known for its ability to unearth remarkable talents and create unforgettable moments, but the addition of a John Legend look-alike contestant takes the show to an entirely new level of intrigue. Fans of the show can look forward to witnessing more of Talakai’s incredible performances as he competes for the ultimate prize.

Uncanny Celeb Look-alikes:

As “The Voice” continues to captivate audiences on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on NBC, the world can’t help but wonder if there are more doppelgängers and surprising moments waiting to be discovered. After all, in the world of music and entertainment, the unexpected is often what leaves the most lasting impression. Both Margot Robbie and Emma Mackey are look-alike. It wasn’t a coincidence that the identical actresses both star in the film Barbie.

Another one is Margot Robbie & Jaime Pressly resemblance. “The celebrity I am mistaken for is Margot Robbie,” the My Name Is Earl actress told Us Weekly in comments posted in 2022. “It happens all the time.”

In a world where talent knows no bounds and where even the judges themselves can be taken by surprise, “The Voice” remains a testament to the power of music to bring people together, whether they’re strikingly similar or uniquely different. As John Legend and his look-alike contestant Talakai have shown, it’s a reminder that in the realm of music, anything is possible, and the extraordinary can happen when you least expect it.