Maren Morris: The Bridge to a New Musical Journey

Maren Morris

In the world of country music, Maren Morris has been a shining star, winning hearts with her chart-topping hits and soulful voice. However, recently, the Grammy-winning artist made headlines by announcing her departure from the music scene. In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons behind her decision to leave singing, her new musical direction, and her involvement in a recent controversy.

A Shift in Perspective

Maren Morris, known for hits like “My Church” and “Girl,” opened up about her decision during an episode of The New York Times’ Popcast podcast on October 4th. She shared that while she loves living in Nashville and cherishes the vibrant songwriting community there, she could no longer ignore certain issues within the country music scene. “The stories going on within country music right now, I’ve tried to avoid a lot of it at all costs. I feel very, very distanced from it,” she told the Los Angeles Times. Maren confessed that she didn’t want to be part of a music industry that forced her to absorb and defend what she saw as unacceptable behavior.

In her own words, “I couldn’t do this circus anymore—feeling like I have to absorb and explain people’s bad behaviors and laugh it off. I just couldn’t do that after 2020 particularly. I’ve changed. A lot of things changed about me that year.”

A New Direction in Music

Despite her decision to step away from music, Morris isn’t quitting the music industry altogether. She plans to continue making music but on her terms, free from the confines and controversies of the country music scene. She made it clear that she requested her music not be considered for award shows going forward. She extended an invitation to her fans, saying, “Come with me if you please. Everyone’s welcomed.”

Maren Morris’s decision to explore different musical avenues showcases her commitment to staying true to her artistry and values. It allows her the creative freedom to craft music without the burden of worrying about how it fits into a specific genre’s mold.

The Bridge: A Musical Journey

To kickstart this new chapter in her music career, Morris released a two-song project titled “The Bridge” on September 15th. The first part, titled “The Tree,” reflects on her ten years in Nashville, describing it as a toxic ‘family tree’ that needed to burn itself down. The second part, “Get the Hell Out of Here,” delves into the aftermath of that burning tree and the feeling of being pulled in every direction, ultimately realizing the importance of self-acceptance.

Through her music, Maren shares the message that sometimes, doing the right thing can be a lonely journey, but it’s essential for personal growth and authenticity.

A Feud Over Values

Maren Morris’s departure from singing wasn’t just about musical direction. It was also influenced by her stance on certain values, particularly her commitment to LGBTQ+ rights. In the past, she and fellow artist Cassadee Pope publicly criticized Brittany Aldean, the wife of country star Jason Aldean, over a controversial Instagram Reel she posted.

In the Reel, Brittany made a statement about her childhood “tomboy phase,” which Maren and Cassadee interpreted as insensitive and comparing it to the experience of someone wanting to transition. This disagreement quickly escalated into a public feud involving name-calling and social media exchanges.

Maren’s involvement in this controversy highlighted her dedication to standing up for what she believes in, even if it meant clashing with others in the industry.

Support for LGBTQ+ Community

Throughout the feud, she made it clear that her primary concern was advocating for the LGBTQ+ community and condemning any form of transphobia or homophobia. She encouraged her fans to check on their LGBTQ+ friends and fellow artists, emphasizing the importance of support within the music community.

Her unwavering commitment to these values not only showcased her dedication to social justice but also highlighted the broader conversations taking place within the country music industry about inclusivity and acceptance.


Maren Morris‘s decision to leave music industry was not a hasty one. It was a culmination of factors, including a desire for creative freedom, a shift in perspective about the industry, and a commitment to standing up for her values. While her departure from the genre may have surprised some, it’s clear that she is determined to continue making music on her terms and using her platform to advocate for social causes close to her heart.

As she embarks on this new musical journey, fans can look forward to more of her unique sound and powerful storytelling, free from the constraints of genre expectations. Morris’s departure from industry is a testament to her resilience, authenticity, and unwavering commitment to her principles in a changing music landscape.