The Secret of the Best Men Hair Powders: For Styling, Volume, and Concealing Hair Loss

hair powders

Hair powders have become a well-kept secret for men seeking to enhance their hairstyle and conceal issues like thinning hair. These versatile dry formulas are designed to revitalize your locks, add volume, and even camouflage sparse areas with ease. These magical powders are a must-have grooming tool, fitting conveniently into your travel kit due to their compact size and absence of liquids.

Why Use Hair Powders?

Session stylist Tim Pateman, director of the Clerkenwell salon and gallery, The Lion & The Fox, vouches for the versatility of hair powders. He explains, “Volumizing hair powder is pretty versatile and works best on very short, short, and mid-lengths. It adds hold and boosts the hair at the root level, and at the same time, it’s weightless, mattifying, and really easy to use. Apply it to just-washed hair and then use it every other day.” These powders contain silica, which absorbs excess oil from the scalp, extending the longevity of your hairstyle between washes.

Powders are best applied to dry hair. To use them effectively, separate the hair to expose the roots, gently tap the powder dispenser over the exposed section, and then run your fingers through your hair to style. Remember that a little goes a long way, which is why they come in small quantities. If you happen to use too much powder, a quick fix is to use a cool hairdryer to disperse the excess. Hair powders can breathe life into limp, fine, flat, and thinning hair. They also act as an excellent primer, adding grip to slippery, freshly washed hair. Depending on your style, they might be the only styling product you need.

Best Root Booster Hair Powders

For those looking to add volume and hold to their hair, root booster hair powders are the way to go. Here are some of the best options available:

Ruffians Hair Powder:

Ruffians’ fragrance-free Hair Powder offers a velvety, matte texture, and nourishes the hair with organic seaweed and botanical extracts. It provides long-lasting hold and comes in fully recyclable packaging.

Slick Gorilla Volumizing Matte Effect Hair Styling Powder:

This generously proportioned hair powder offers unscented, re-workable hold and separation, making it an excellent choice for styling.

Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It Mattifying Volume Powder:

This super-strength powder provides texture, root lift, and volume by instantly mattifying the hair. It’s perfect for those looking for a strong hold.

Davines This is a Texturizing Dust:

Designed to add lift and body to your hair, this lightweight booster offers a traceless matte finish and re-workable hold, thanks to ingredients like silica and açai berry extracts.

Goldwell Ultra Volume Dust Up Volumizing Powder:

Offering instant volumizing power and a fresh green apple fragrance, this pocket-sized powder is a versatile tool for styling and can double as a dry shampoo.

Redken Powder Grip 03 Mattifying Hair Powder:

With an overall densifying effect, this mattifying powder adds body and fullness to your hair, making it easier to style voluminous looks.

American Crew Boost Powder:

Best used as a pre-styler, this thickening powder provides extra volume, high hold, and longevity to your style.

Dapper Dan Ultra Matte Texture Dust:

Scented with a citrus cologne fragrance, this ultra-matte powder-like talc is perfect for creating texture around the front of your hair.

Reuzel Matte Texture Powder:

Reuzel’s hair powder adds matte texture and volume, making it easy to maintain your style throughout the day.

L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni Art Super Dust Hair Powder:

This fine, weightless powder offers strong hold, texture, grip, and a matte finish, making it a great base product for creating various styles.

Uppercut Deluxe Texturising Powder:

Water-based and slightly different from traditional powders, this product contains glycerin to add natural shine to your hair.

Best Camouflage Hair Powders

Camouflage hair powders are designed to conceal thinning or receding hair. They use fine fibers to cling to existing hair, making it appear thicker and filling in gaps. Here are the top options:

Toppik Hair Building Fibers Dark Brown:

Toppik effectively blends sparse areas with the rest of your hair, thanks to its fine fibers. It comes with a variety of application options and is available in different shades to match your hair color.

Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibres:

With a wide selection of shades, Nanogen caters to various hair colors, making it seamless to blend in thinning areas and fill in gaps.

Best Dry Shampoo Powders

Dry shampoo powders offer a quick and convenient way to freshen up your hair, control oil, and extend the life of your hairstyle. Here are two excellent options:

R+Co Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder:

This dry shampoo powder is perfect for quick freshening up and adding grip to freshly washed hair. It contains natural ingredients like diatomaceous earth, jojoba seed oil, and burdock root extract.

Aveda Shampowder Dry Shampoo:

Aveda’s dry shampoo is lightly scented and effectively controls oily scalps, absorbs sweat and odors, conceal and cleanse your hair without the need for a full wash.

Incorporating men hair powders into your grooming routine can elevate your hairstyle and help you maintain a fresh and voluminous look throughout the day. Whether you need root-boosting, hair-thickening, or oil-absorbing properties, these powders have you covered. So, why not make these versatile grooming products a staple in your daily routine?