Unleash Your Inner Barbie with These Fabulous Halloween Costume Ideas


If you didn’t get the chance to deck yourself out in a girly pink ensemble for the premiere of Barbie, fear not; your next chance is right around the corner! That’s right—Barbie Halloween costumes are the talk of the town. But this time around, we’ve all seen the movie (or most of us, at least), so the references hit a little different.

Like themes of existentialism housed in a candy-colored trojan horse, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to Greta Gerwig’s best Barbie movie, but there’s nothing ambiguous about the bespoke looks served by its stars. From the nostalgic recreations donned by Margot Robbie on the very pink press tour to the custom-designed Chanel ensembles Easter-egged throughout the film, Barbie has satiated fashion enthusiasm and sparked endless brand collaborations riding on the coattails of this brilliant, box office hit. And if you need a refresher for some inspiration, you can now stream Barbie in the comfort of your own home.


So for Halloween 2023, it’s only natural to choose whatever “Barbie” resonates with you the most. This year, Halloween falls in the middle of the week, which means there are two entire weekends to celebrate and dress up in costume. To make things easy on yourself, why not make at least one of the nights Barbie-related? Better yet? Go for a different version of the pop culture icon each night.

From the stereotypical blonde bombshell doll to her social justice alter ego and counterpart Ken (or Kens) to rollerblading Barbie, cowgirl Barbie, and beyond, you can literally dress up as Barbie for days. Ahead, we’ve pulled the very best pieces below to help you put together the ultimate 2023 Barbie costumes for Halloween. Shop the 12 best Barbie movie costumes below—irrepressible thoughts of death not included.

Stereotypical Barbie

This is Barbie, she’s everything (and she’s my entire personality right now). She’s also pretty easy to emulate in costume form; think girly and think pink. Make the most of your copycat ensemble and invest in something you can incorporate as one of your favorite wardrobe pieces well beyond Halloween, such as a quality A-line dress or this pair of Badgley Mischka pumps.

Rollerblading Barbie

As one of the first on-set Barbie visuals leaked to eager eyes, the Barbie and Ken rollerblading outfits easily make the best costume choice, mostly because the look is easy and instantly recognizable. If you’re not someone who travels with your rollerblades, try opting for a neon-heeled boot or chunky sneaker instead. If you are going to fully commit to the role, act fast—the Impala x Barbie gear is selling out wherever it’s being sold.

Western Barbie

Western Barbie is peak Barbie fashion. You may already have a few of these items represented in your closet (like white cowgirl boots or pink pants), but if not, this costume, fortunately, consists of individual staples that you can likely repurpose and wear again. Add a little bit of sparkle with these top-rated tassel earrings from Revolve.

Mermaid Barbie

I’m not here to insinuate anything about your day-to-day, but aside from the jewelry, you likely won’t get much use out of this costume’s sparkly seashell nipple covers or imitation mermaid tail after Halloween is over. So, this is an instance where you want to keep your items on the cheaper side and use make-up—like metallic purple eyeliner or sparkly eyeshadow—to polish off the look.

Fight the Patriarchy Barbie

This Barbie is a social justice warrior, and she’s here to reclaim her DreamHouse from Mojo Dojo Casa Ken in the name of gender equality. A great group costume, the pink Barbie jumpsuits are actually Greta Gerwig-approved, because the director was spotted in various on-set and behind-the-scenes photos wearing one from Pistola Denim.

Girls’ Night Barbie

In Barbie Land, every night is girls’ night. Send the Kens home and grab your sparkliest garb to recreate dance party Barbie. A little bit of planned choreography wouldn’t hurt, either.

Malibu Barbie

The catalyst for all to come, black-and-white maillot Barbie was the very first doll to hit shelves in 1959, along with her vintage chevron suit, red lipstick, and cat eye sunglasses. This particular Barbie, created by Ruth Handler, also graces the movie’s opening scene. For a more modern, Malibu-style Barbie, play around with different shades of pink and perhaps a pair of your favorite mule sandals or kitten heels.

Weird Barbie

She’s Weird Barbie, and she’s always in the splits. If her fondness for Birkenstocks and blunt expressions speaks to you, add a little bit of your own chaos to her costume. Try mismatched earrings, a neon tutu, or highly teased hair. A Guy Fieri wig may also suffice here, and only here.

Glamour Barbie

While this Barbie costume isn’t featured in the Barbie movie, it was Margot Robbie’s swoon-worthy London Barbie premiere look—one that evoked complete nostalgia for the 1960s Enchanted Evening Barbie doll. Or, for younger generations, the 1996 version.

Career Barbie

Barbie is the President, she’s a doctor, an astronaut, a lawyer, a figure-skater, the list goes on. Ask yourself what you wanted to be when you grew up, and then make it Barbie.

Cowboy Ken

He may be “just Ken,” but he’s still prepared to go head-to-head with Barbie when it comes to style. Sure to be the couples costume of 2023, I better not catch sight of any western Barbie and Ken duos that aren’t addressing each other with the appropriate “Hi, Barbie!” and “Hi, Ken!” sentiments.

Kenergy Ken

This Ken is…straight out of the Mojo Dojo Casa House. The culmination of Ken’s patriarchal interpretation, this costume isn’t quite complete without a trusty steed or a boombox looping Matchbox Twenty’s “Push”.


In conclusion, dressing up as Barbie for Halloween 2023 offers endless possibilities. Whether you want to channel the classic blonde bombshell or opt for one of the unique Barbie personas inspired by the recent Barbie movie, there’s a costume that suits every taste. Don’t forget to incorporate some statement accessories, like tassel earrings, to elevate your Barbie look. With the popularity of Barbie’s recent resurgence, brand collaborations and themed costumes have never been more exciting. So, go ahead and embrace the Barbie spirit this Halloween, and let your inner fashionista shine as bright as Barbie’s signature pink.